Our Strategy
“So how can Kiamauga help? We provide a comprehensive strategy that works!

The substandard and deplorable housing conditions in First Nations are a persistent and growing phenomenon. Current housing programs do not meet the increasing demand of new housing units brought on by the higher than average population growth, overcrowding, and deteriorating units as a result of  chronic underfunding, poor construction and impacts from mold.

It is a challenge with many moving parts and interdependencies! So how can Kiamauga Corporation help?

First we understand the problem better than most. We work with First Nation communities to understand their local needs within the broader context of the problem and work side by side in developing customized solutions.

Our solution is as follows:

Spend the time with leadership to identify the real needs of the community, together establish a multiyear strategy to build the houses they need and then finance the entire strategy!

Could it possibly be that simple?

The truth is that it can be. The journey to get here has been complicated and taken a great deal of work but the good news is that we have invested the time, energy and resources to create a platform that facilitates success!

As stated earlier we understand the problem better than most so the first thing we have to address is the chronic under funding that has contributed to the housing crisis!

If we are to provide a solution then we must provide the finance! So where is the money coming from and is there enough of it?

Introducing Social Responsible Investment Capital to First Nations in Canada!

Social Responsible Investment Capital or “SRI” Funds are not new! They are relatively new to First Nation communities on a scale that we have developed. Our first foundational support is providing the money and financing required to build homes! We, (together with our strategic partners) have established a fund to achieve our goals and will continue to raise funds over the next ten years to provide housing solutions to First Nation communities across the country.

The funds are exactly that …funds and not to be confused with charities!

The advantages of using SRI funds however is that they are very attractive compared to traditional funding sources such as government and traditional banks. Flexibility for leadership is indeed something new! We will work with your leadership group, housing department to customise a solution for that meets your needs.

What motivates individuals, foundations, corporations, sovereign wealth funds to contribute to social responsible investment initiatives are also important to understand and brings us to our second important foundational support.

Social responsible investors want to make a difference! They do want a modest return on their investment and want to contribute to a greater good.

In part the Housing crisis is also a result of poor adherence of building codes and practices. We have garnered the support of our financial contributors through our commitment to exceed all building standards and raising the bar when it comes to the introduction of new and innovative building practices.

Kiamauga and its partners exceed and establish new building standards embracing new and innovative building methodologies to ensure the problems of the past do not resurface and defeat the purpose we are so committed to!

We believe we are the first to offer 35 year structural warranties on the houses we build on First Nation territories! In addition we build energy efficient homes using structural insulated panels that offer a 48% energy savings compared to traditional stick build. We utilise an antimicrobial injected paint that resists mold and a fire retardant feature that gives a window of opportunity that could save a life!

To ensure that the building standards are met and exceeded we have partnered with one of Canada’s leading engineering firms. Their job is to make sure that the homes we build are worthy of their occupancy.

Leadership is inundated with proposals for housing, and yet few contractors understand the processes First Nation communities must endure to even have ready the infrastructure, (our third foundational support),  within the community to accommodate a housing initiative.

Fortunately, upon recommendations of the Senate Standing Committee, AANDC is considering infrastructure as an eligible cost that could be included in Ministerial Loan Guarantees for Housing Initiatives.

Too often Leadership must deny, yes deny, additional housing because they do not have the infrastructure to accommodate additional units. As crazy as this sounds and it light of the desperate need within communities across the country this happens!

Kiamauga and its partners will customise a solution that takes into consideration all factors within the community. This, our fourth foundational support, is most important of all!

When we engage with communities we recognise that the needs are different and yet the same.  For years we have heard “cookie cutter” and “stovepipe” adjectives to describe federal and provincial programs to combat issues in general, the reality is they don’t always work.

The fact is that we must recognise the uniqueness in each community and then devise a plan and strategy that incorporates and engages the community.

In summary here are the foundational supports that enable us to bring forward a solution that works!

  • Access to Social Responsible Investment Capital-Providing Finance.
  • Establishing new building standards and building methodologies.
  • Recognising the infrastructure requirements of the community.
  • Customising the solution to the community’s needs.
  • What we recognise as critically important when working with our First Nation partners.

The end result!

  • Community Partnership and Cultural Engagement
  • Economic Stimulus, Job Creation and Capacity Building
  • Wealth Creation and Asset Building

Let’s start today on a new journey, contact our offices to learn more!