Our Partners
pillars of partnership

It is no secret that there is an Indigenous housing crisis in Canada.

The housing crisis is a result of many factors but largely due to chronic underfunding, a government sponsored funding model that has not kept pace with the infrastructure requirements of many communities and for major housing projects, a series of “processes” that has facilitated poor construction methods and unfortunately less than honorable business practices.

Providing a solution to these and other issues requires a commitment from a broad group of partners with a collective capacity to address all aspects of a sustainable and affordable housing strategy,  while recognizing that you must first work with the Nation to understand their specific needs.

Kiamauga has developed partnerships in construction, finance, engineering, strategic and comprehensive community planning to address the housing crisis. Developing new and innovative financial instruments that provide funding for both housing and infrastructure,  promoting new social enterprises that promote and facilitate affordable housing strategies within the community, are providing new hope for leadership across the country.

Our first and most important partner is the community! To begin a conversation and  determine if we can assist you in the pursuit of an affordable housing strategy, please contact us today!