Our Focus
“building futures one house at a time”

Our Focus:

The housing crisis within Canada’s Indigenous community is embarrassing! It’s also an opportunity to provide training, create jobs and an opportunity to build sustainable communities. We have an opportunity to reject poor building practices of the past, to embrace new financial models that decrease the dependency on Federal funding while still acknowledging inherent Treaty rights to housing.

Kiamauga, working in partnership with First Nation communities across Canada, is developing new financial instruments and new social enterprises with a goal of building sustainable communities.

Providing financial solutions that recognize that you need infrastructure before you can build a house provides for leadership a welcomed approach to housing for their citizens.

Working with the communities we develop “Affordable” homeownership programs that aim to lower barriers to homeownership for low- to moderate-income households that can be operated by the Nation or a Nation sponsored non-profits, or for-profit enterprises.

These programs address barriers such as a lack of down payment, lack of knowledge around the purchase process and increase affordability through various strategies including, but not limited to; gifted down payments, sweat equity, rent-to-own programs, homeownership education and training, second mortgages, shared ownership agreements, community land trusts, and housing co-operatives.

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