Our Companies
“its systemic “issues” not systemic issue!

The Kiamauga group of companies lean on each other, provide services to each other but for the most part they have a very focused mandate to provide solutions for a specific systemic issue facing Canada’s Indigenous community! The following is a list and brief introduction of our Kiamauga Corporation owned companies with a link to their respective standalone sites.

Native Land Paint Company

Native Land Paint was established to introduce a mold resistant and fire retardant paint to the Indigenous community. We are committed to a vision whereby every structure, residential, industrial or commercial, new or old, uses both an antimicrobial injected paint that resists mold and a fire retardant paint that will save lives!


Kiamauga  Energy Corporation

Kiamauga Energy Corporation is  a federal corporation focused on providing cost effective clean energy solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Working with  strategic partners who are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and building partnerships fostering growth and sustainability.



Kcnomis Solutions Inc.

Kiamauga envisions a world where clean, safe drinking water is not an issue. For many Indigenous communities it is! Kiamauga Corporation established Kcnomis Solutions Inc to work with Indigenous communities, establishing partnerships and sharing innovative water purification technologies and processes providing environmentally sustainable solutions that work!



Bear Security

Committed to the protection of data! Bear Security positions First nation communities against threat of cyber crime.

Introducing the KcIN

The KcIN is an initiative  of Kiamauga Corporation that promises to be the most comprehensive online networking site dedicated to the mutual benefit of both Indigenous and non indigenous  parties  whose desire is to advance economic development activities.