Our Companies
“Identifying Opportunities and Partnerships all across Canada!

The Kiamauga group of companies are very focused on  identifying  opportunities to develop and establish partnerships contributing to a national network of enterprises  that are committed to the development of economic opportunity.

Bear Security

Committed to the protection of data! Bear Security positions First nation communities against threat of cyber crime.

The Business to Business, Nation to Nation online initiative  of Kiamauga Corporation.  

Strategic thinking and the early development of collaborative partnerships is necessary to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities!  Reaction is not a sustainable strategy!  How often have we said, “Had I only knew about that!”

The Kiamauga business to business, nation to nation initiative provides the platform for new and exciting partnerships!  Our network is about developing opportunity between clients who have something to offer and something to gain!

Our comprehensive profiles of both Indigenous members and non-indigenous members provide insight into our respective capacities, strengths while identifying opportunities for both.

The opportunities are in very sector and we will continue to identify them on an ongoing basis.

We will profile featured communities and businesses as part of a long tern sustainable engagement strategy.  Posting and responding to requests for proposals is only a small part of our value added service.