An emissary sent on a special mission .

The tag line above may seem to be a bit spiritual, well it is!  When told by an Elder that the Grandmothers” supported our cause and surrounded us was both meaningful and spiritual. We are happy and honoured to be considered an emissary on our special mission.   Kiamauga, the name of our corporation was inspired by a Cree Elder and it means … “it’s up to you”! We are committed to identifying and providing solutions that work!

Kiamauga provides solutions to systemic issues Indigenous communities face across Canada and we have established a team to help make it happen!

Kiamauga’s network spans the globe and provides for our clients access to finance, innovative technologies, business opportunities and much more.

Contact us today and start the process!

In the pages to follow you will learn more about us, our focus, our partners, our strategy and most importantly  our commitment to work with, not for, Indigenous communities across the country.